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Computer Training is now an absolute necessity for everyone as the Use of Computers has become an all-pervasive part of life today.

Are you ready to acquire, through Online Computer Training, Resources and Tips, a lot of fire-brand computer skills and related knowledge? If so, Fasten Your Seat Belt and I will take you on a beautiful journey through my WebSite.

I promise you that it will be a very useful and informative journey for you.

You will find topics on

  • Windows applications like Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint
  • MacOS and iOS Applications
  • All about virus, spam, adware and spyware and their prevention or removal
  • Technology and Computer related articles and reviews
  • Site regularly updated with useful tips, tricks and other useful Resources on different applications
  • Latest news and news feeds
  • Various product announcements
  • A very informative newsletter
  • and much more...

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In my more than 30 years of experience as a senior company executive in the IT Sector, I have felt that there is a serious gap between the people seeking quality, no-frills computer training and the agencies supplying the same.

Whether you are a person seeking a Computer Career or you want to Make Money On Computer; a Novice in Computers or an Expert; a high-flying Company Executive or Retired; a Working Mom or a Mom setting up a Home Business (WAHM)... Let lack of Computer Knowledge not be an impediment to your Progress and to your Dreams! Use my Computer Training, Resources and Tips website to your Advantage!

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There are computer institutes and there are websites that, maybe, cover a few computer tutorials. But, physically attending classes to learn computers may not be feasible for most of the non-student community. And, also the websites which are available do not offer the structure and relevant material as required by most of the people seeking Computer Training. Hence, computer knowledge acquired is not adequate or useful.

The topics and tutorial covered in this Online Computer Training and Resources website have been broken down into small and easily digestible topics. The benefit of this methodology is that it will be easy to finish each topic within a short duration and also the user will be encouraged to continue and learn more when he is able to complete each lesson within a short period.

Further, in the lessons area of my website, I have categorised the topics based on proficiency levels in the various tutorials.

Let me take you on an adventure trip where you will have fun and learn at the same time!

Yours Sincerely,

Sd. V.K. Rajagopalan