How To Reduce The Monotony In Printing Documents?

Over the last several years, creating and editing documents on a computer has seen lot of evolution and improvements.

When you talk about Microsoft Word it has been upgraded with lot of new features and enhancements over the last several years. From a simple text editor, such word processors are now able to handle complex documents containing multi-media files.

Now, you can also create professional publications, newsletters, brochures, books, banners, flyers, invitations, and presentations as well as undertake a full host of DTP publishing.

Other features that have seen improvements to our PC, Mac and the computing environment are again enormous.

Let me name a few here:

1. Chat software or chat client. It now includes video calling as well as video conferencing
2. Broadband internet bandwidth. It is now quite common to have internet speeds of 100 mbps.
3. Software that allow highly advanced photo editing and authoring even for the end user or a novice.
4. High resolution of monitors and display consoles. The minimum resolution that is available on computer monitors is around 1680 x 1050px. When we talk about laptops or notepads, the resolution goes even higher.
5. The printers have evolved from earlier dot matrix printers to deskjet printers and high resolution and fast laser printers.

Despite all these technological enhancements that we have seen in the last few years to our computing environment, one thing that has remained almost constant is the actual printing experience.

In one phrase, I can say that printing in bulk is still highly time consuming, monotonous and unimaginative.

If we have to print several documents, we still have to sit in front of our computer and print one document at a time. This is highly time consuming.

Is there any better way to print a document? Additionally, how to print pdf document?

Do I have any options to allow me to batch print pdf documents?

The answer is yes. There is something called Total PDF printer. Learn more about it here.