How To Secure Your Privacy On The Internet?

Internet technology is a real boon for people when they are trying to find any information, whether it is medical related, technology related or, for that matter, information on any niche.

At the same time, internet has also been a place for bad elements who use this technology to stalk, steal or otherwise commit all sorts of crime. Such internet related crimes have gone to the extent of infringing upon your own privacy.

While you are surfing the net, criminals have found ways to steal your bank and other sensitive information by mining your login and password details while you are typing on your keyword. In computer parlance, this is called Phishing.

They also steal your email addresses and send spam emails to everyone in your name. This can damage your personal reputation or even business reputation, if it is a business email address.

Is there any way in which we could protect ourselves and business credibility from the clutches of such unscrupulous individuals or even organizations?

There are several methods that can be employed to protect ourselves from various internet frauds. But, to be very honest, I cannot say that they will be 100% fool-proof at all the time. We can only implement various established safety measures and then hope for the best.

One of the established methods by which we can hide our computer’s IP address is called VPN or virtual private network. VPN works by hiding our IP from the public eye and routing the traffic through a huge network of servers known as vpn network. This method is fairly fool proof in hiding our identity from prying eyes and public scrutiny thereby safeguarding our internet privacy.

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