Importance of Domain Names for the Success of a Website?

Technically, domain names are just placeholders for a website. A domain name, as we know it, like is a human-readable name that machines do not understand. The machine-readable name behind is called an IP Address. The IP address for this domain name is

But, the human-readable form of a domain name is important due to several reasons. Let us look at some of these reasons one-by-one:

  1. Easy recollection
  2. A website is created for internet visitors. When a visitor sees a domain name, it should give the best first impression. In other words, a domain name should affect the visitor’s senses positively and he should be able to remember it and recollect it at short notice.

  3. Explain the purpose of the website
  4. Within the few words that form part of a domain name, the visitor should be fairly clear about the website as well as what he can expect from the website. This will ensure that the visitor has the right expectations from the website. This will, in turn, avoid possible disappointments or frustrations when he visits the website.

  5. Exact Match Domain Name (EMD)
  6. When a site is ranked highly in the search engines, then more organic visitors arrive at the website resulting in more leads, more sales and consequently more revenues and profits. It used to be very easy to rank a website on the first page of a search engine or even at the top 3 positions of a search engine when the domain name is made up of the main keyword phrase for which you are trying to rank a website.

    After the advent of Google Panda & Penguin algorithm changes during the year 2011 & 2012, some of the SEO experts feel that EMDs are no longer effective. Some other experts even feel that EMDs may negatively impact a website’s ranking.

    But, I do not support the opinions of these experts due to my on-going positive experiences in this matter.

In this article we have seen the importance of choosing a good domain name. We should also ensure that we choose the domain registrar wisely. You may like to check up on act now domains for information on a well reputed domain and hosting service provider.