Internet: Are We Playing With Fire Using This Technology?

Computer technology and the internet are the two unparalleled inventions of our era.

We have now truly achieved global reach at the click of a button. Internet technology has enabled us to get any type of authentic information on any subject sitting at the comfort of our home or office.

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Reddit have further brought the entire world population into a close knit social network interacting and sharing even the most intimate of information among members.

These facilities have proven to be a boon not only to adults but also to school and college going youngsters who are now able to acquire knowledge through the internet thereby improving their skillset much faster than the earlier generations.

Further, internet has also immensely helped several industries and services.

For example, the medical profession is now experiencing a revolution in medical and surgical technologies using the internet. Tele-medicine and e-surgeries are two of the latest innovations using the World Wide Web.

Young adults who are bedridden due to illnesses and who are not able to attend school and college are now able to sit at home or hospital and still attend educational institutions. How is that possible? It has become possible and also practical by the merger of two technologies, robotics and the internet. Robots have been built with wi-fi connectivity that actually attends the classroom and lectures. The young adult who is at his home or hospital remotely controls the robot and he is able to fully interactively participate in all the classroom activities.

Are there any downsides to the internet technology? Unfortunately, yes, there are.

Internet or the World Wide Web has also invited such vices as:

– computer viruses
– malware and spyware
– an exponential increase in pornographic literature
– tremendous increase in crimes against children and women

Simultaneously, such threats to computers, networks as well as individuals have also seen an increase in the development of specialized software and security that tightly protects these assets.

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