Are IT Products An Ideal Corporate Gift?

When it comes to personal gifts, it is given to acknowledge your love or liking for that person, be it your wife, children, other relatives or even friends.

And, when it involves corporate gifts, it is to keep your customers, clients, employees, prospects and business acquaintances happy and also, possibly, loyal to you and your business.

Even more so, in this age of intense competition in every field of business, keeping customers happy has become extremely important in order to retain their loyalty to your products.

This is not to undermine the fact that fundamentally your customers will be contented only if your product is of high quality, meets with the customer’s needs & expectations and you offer them superior after-sales service.

Till a few years back when the concept of corporate gifting was practiced, promotional items were mainly restricted to the following:

  • Household items including kitchen items
  • Stationery items including calendars, diary, etc.
  • Eateries including dry fruits, bakery & confectionery items
  • Branded Liquor

As information technology kept improving, the prices of IT products have continued to fall. Especially, in the last few years, we have seen a tremendous increase in computing power, market research and technological innovations, a tendency for IT products becoming smaller by the day and above all, a serious drop in prices. This has massively increased the usage of these products not only among youth but also among people of different age groups and gender.

This has afforded a new avenue for corporates in terms of gift ideas. Now, IT Gifts are a novel and relatively cost effective way to impress your customers as well as staff.

In Malaysia, a well-known company,, has pioneered corporate gifts comprising IT products from the year 2009. They are well known in terms of product quality, timely delivery, competitive pricing and excellent service.