Charge your iPhone Faster: 10 Useful Tips on How to Do It

charge your iphone fasterDid you forget to charge your iPhone the previous night? Now your iPhone is low on charge and you have leave home for work in 30 minutes. That’s all the time you have to get some juice in your phone. Darn it! How do you charge your iPhone faster?

Don’t worry! This article will tell you simple tricks that will help charge your iPhone faster. This will make sure your iPhone doesn’t run out of battery, while you are out of your house.

You can use one or many of these tricks at the same time to help charge your iPhone much faster. Let’s get right to how to charge your iPhone in minutes.

Tricks to Charge your iPhone Faster

1. Switch your phone off while it’s charging.

This is one of the best ways to help charge your iPhone much faster. Unfortunately, this trick isn’t always possible for everyone.
charge your iPhone faster

2. Put your phone on ‘Airplane Mode’

The second best option to switching your phone off is putting it on ‘Airplane Mode’. This disconnects your iPhone from the network, till you don’t switch ‘Airplane Mode’ off.
how to charge iphone 6s faster

Even this may not always be possible. What if you’re expecting an important text or an important call? Switching your iPhone off or putting it on ‘Airplane Mode’ isn’t always the best solution right?

3. Switch off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, mobile data.

Switch off your wireless connectivity for a short while. Keep only basic mobile functionality of calling and messaging. This will help charge your iPhone faster.
how to make your iphone charge faster

4. Switch off your iPhone screen

If you use your phone, the screen backlight will reduce battery charging efficiency. The screen backlight consumes a significant amount of power.
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5. Don’t use a laptop to charge your iPhone

If you’re in a hurry and want to charge your iPhone as much as possible, then you’re better off using a wall charger.

The power output of the USB port in your laptop of computer is less than your wall charger.
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6. Use a 2A charging adapter

An even faster way to charge your iPhone is to use the charging adapter that came with your iPad. If you don’t have an iPad, you can always buy a good quality 2A charging adapter.

This will help you charge your iPhone much faster than the stock charger will charge it, in the same amount of time.
tips to charge iphone fast

7. Try not using your phone

This is harder said than done, but, if you want your phone to charge faster, try not using your phone at all. If there aren’t many processes using battery, then the rate of battery drain will be slower.

This will help you charge your iPhone faster.
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8. Don’t charge your iPhone through wireless charging

iPhones don’t have this as a default option. Yet, there are cases that help your iPhone with wireless charging. If you want to charge your phone as much as possible in as short a time as possible, don’t use a wireless charging system.

Although wireless charging is useful, it isn’t as powerful as your charging adapter.
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9. Switch on your Low Power’ mode

With the iOS 9, Apple introduced the Low-Power’ mode. It switches off non-essential battery-draining processes and only retains the most important functions. This helps conserve power.

Additionally, this feature helps conserve your battery, when it is low.

You can also enable this feature when you want to charge your battery faster. The number of processes that drain battery reduce and it will help you battery charge faster.
how to charge your iphone quickly

10. Use genuine Apple or Apple certified adapter and cable to charge your iPhone faster

If you want to maximize the charging efficiency of your iPhone battery, then you should buy genuine Apple accessories.

If you find them to be expensive, then you should go in for Apple certified accessories. This will ensure that your iPhone is compatible with the accessory.

This will help your iPhone charge much faster.
charge your iphone faster


That’s how you charge your iPhone much faster. Follow these simple tricks and you’ll be able to squeeze in enough juice in those crucial 30 minutes before you leave home.

Although, I’ve written this article focussing on iPhones, these tricks will work on any smartphone. Note that if your iPhone (or any smartphone) battery is old or damaged, then these tricks may not work for you.

In that case, you need to have the battery replaced. For you iPhone, you need to check the warranty conditions and take it into the Apple Store. For other smartphones, if your smartphone has a replaceable battery, then you can buy a replacement and change it yourself.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you use another method to charge your iPhone faster that is not mentioned here, write it in a comment.

Let me know what you think about this article, in the comments below.