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My Story

Ok, who is the guy who owns this website? Let me say something about myself. I am V.K. Rajagopalan from New Delhi, India. I am basically from South India, i.e., Tamil Nadu, but brought up and living in New Delhi since I was a kid.

I am married and have two teenaged boys. My wife is a home maker. My parents are settled in Chennai in the State of Tamil Nadu.

I have a management degree in Marketing and a post graduate degree in Finance. I also have several other qualifications and certifications in various areas of IT, SAP, etc.

I have about 30 years of work experience. Out of that, I have been in Finance for about 10 years and about 20 odd years I have spent in IT. I have vast experience right from finance to programming, networking and systems analysis to a consultant, project & program management and a pre-sales professional.

The last position that I held was to head the Pre-Sales Department of a very large multi-national organization. In fact, I have had the good fortune of a varied work experience and I have had the opportunity to hold senior managerial positions in different organizations and in various capacities.

I also have experience and a flair for people management and all about HR practices. I have a very good reputation as being an excellent people manager. Additionally, I also have experience as a teacher and I love teaching.

I love to take calculated and bold risks in life. I believe that progress and risks go hand-in-hand.

Take my case, for example. From being a hard core finance guy, I switched to IT. I learnt IT from scratch.

Then, while in IT, I switched to SAP and learnt it. SAP is the world?s number One enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.

And, while at the peak of my career in SAP, I quit the job and here I am, full time involved in Site Build It! (SBI) and having a good time in home business. Well, ?how I got introduced to SBI? is a separate story and a very interesting one. I will have to dedicate a separate page for that and tell you all about it.

I have learnt sound lessons in all my above experiences and the risks that I took. I have always been successful in the long run no matter how it looked in the short term. Every risk that I took in my life had launched me into a much better and a more prosperous life. I firmly believed and followed these rules in life:


  • That you have complete faith in yourself, your capabilities and your decision making powers


  • You put in your best efforts towards your goal


  • Once you have decided to take a particular path, stick to it till you succeed


  • Above all, have complete and unflinching faith in God. It is a great stabilizing factor.


After about 30+ years of working for others, I started thinking. As a senior manager, I was putting in more than 14 hours per day on all 7 days. Of course, my employer was happy with me and my work. But, at the end of the day, I was not gaining much. I was not reaping an intrinsic value from my job. It was the employer who was gaining. In fact, I felt that the people who would actually gain from my experience and capabilities were also not gaining. It was because; my entire time was being taken away by my employer. I didn?t even have time for my family.

So, what was the solution for this?

I felt that the only feasible solution whereby the world at large would gain from my experience was through the web and only if I was my own master. Once I was convinced that I was on the right track...

I quit my day (and night!) job!

I always had a passion for teaching. I felt that teaching would be the right mode to spread my knowledge & experience and the World Wide Web would serve as an excellent medium to achieve my goal and to reach the masses.

So, the end result was the site, www.computer-training-for-you-through-online-education.com which has now been migrated to www.ctrat.in. As the name of the above site was too long, I decided to choose a short one. CTRAT stands for 'Computer Training, Resources and Tips'. I dedicate this website to all those who yearn to learn about computers and do not know how to proceed.

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