How to Remove, Avoid Adware and Spyware at No Cost

How to Remove, Avoid Adware and Spyware at No Cost

Adware and spyware have infested our internet like locusts. They have turned into malware due to their viral and very aggressive behavior. With the threat of identity theft and financial fraud looming on the Internet, adware and spyware can be more than just annoying. I am giving below four methods that explain how to remove/avoid adware and spyware without incurring any cost on the latest “anti-virus” softwares.

1. USE Firefox. If you don’t use the Internet much, than perhaps you don’t know much about Firefox. All you need to know is that it is a browser that works REALLY well and has great security features. Above all, it is a trusted product from Google.

2. Compared to other browsers, Internet Explorer is open to the world by default. So, it has a leaky security. Microsoft is continually releasing patches to fix all the flaws in the Internet Explorer 6.X and lower versions of the browser. Although it can be “secured” by increasing the security, it may loose much of its functionality once set to maximum security with certain exploitable features off.

3. Use a software or hardware firewall (not just Window XP Service Pack 2’s firewall). This may sound expensive and hard to do but it is not. If you have a DSL or broadband cable connection your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may have given you a DSL/Cable router which has a firewall built in. All you have to do is turn it on. This may require you to take a few minutes to read the manual.

If your ISP did not give you a DSL or Cable broadband router with a built-in firewall, you can spend anywhere from $30 – $60 (or sometimes even cheaper with a mail-in rebate) to get a router. If you have DSL you will need a DSL router. If you have a Cable broadband ISP then you will need a Cable Router. Brands such as Linksys, SMC or D-Link have built in firewalls and a feature called NAT, Network Address Translation, which is very effective since it hides your real IP address from the Internet. All routers come with instruction on how to hook them up. If you want to keep you computer security free, just use a free software firewall.

4. Remove Spyware/Adware with free Anti-spyware, anti-adware software. Lavasoft’s Adaware and Spybot Search & Destroy are two excellent methods of cleaning your system for free. is a popular and trusted freeware site that has these and many other excellent spyware/adware cleaning and malware prevention tools (including free downloadable firewalls).

The best method is to use ALL of the above. Being proactive by surfing with a decent browser and getting a firewall is important, but it also helps to know about a couple of good anti adware and spyware applications. If you get hit with a really nasty bit of malware that cannot be cleaned with Adaware or Spybot, find yourself a geek. There are many great forums on the Internet dedicated to doing nothing but finding and cleaning such malware. Chances are if your system is infected with it, hundreds of others before you, have been infected and have already figured out how to get rid of the malware. is a very good place to search for free software and utilities. Another place to look around is, where you will get either freeware, shareware or fully functional trialware for adware and spyware applications.