What You Should Know About PC Upgrade

Be Smart About Your PC Upgrade

by: Kay Brener


In this article by Kay Brener, You will learn PC Upgrade techniques. Many a time, upgrading your PC is a cheaper and better preposition than buying a new one. But, how to go about it? Read ahead to learn all the tips and tricks.


Upgrading your PC is a great way to save some of your cash; swapping out old hardware for newer, faster components is often cheaper than buying a new PC, and if armed with some technical knowledge, can match the results, speed and pep, of a newer computer. It’s wise to come up with a game plan before you start randomly upgrading parts, though.

Your battle plan must start with a little inspection of your current computer configuration. As you well know, some components are easier to upgrade than others, and some, not necessarily the most expensive ones, may lead to the dreamed increase in performance. For instance, purchasing and installing a new CPU is more of a hassle than buying some extra RAM. Also, the newly bought RAM will make your computer run faster and you will not regret your choice.

We suggest that the purchase list for your upgrade starts with the RAM (random access memory). With a little investment, you can considerably improve the performances on your computer, but first, you need to make a little research on your computer to see how much RAM you can install on it and what type you should buy to avoid any conflict between the new component and the motherboard.

Here are a few things to ponder before obtaining more memory: If a memory module’s access time is low, it’ll support a CPU with a high bus rate, and if your CPU has a high bus frequency, it’ll behoove you to buy high quality memory.

Do you tax your PC with cycle hungry tasks like playing 3D games or editing digital videos? Or perhaps your PC came stock with an onboard graphics card and you’ve a spare slot just waiting for a faster graphics adapter to give your rig a little more pep. This type of upgrade can be costly, so be sure you know what type of performance boost you need.

If you use your machine just for surfing the web, writing e-mails and Word documents, then take the graphics card off the list. Remember, we are talking hard cold cash here, and it will be too expensive to purchase a $600 graphics card just to play Solitaire. There are also other aspects, if your graphics card is too old and it is need of dire replacement. See what kind of slot your motherboard has for the graphics card – PCI, PCI Express or AGP and plan your purchases accordingly.

Continuing the research on your necessities, take a look at your hard drive. If you like to stock up a lot of music, photos or movies, you will be in dire need of a bigger hard drive. Making copies on DVD’s or USB drives is a solution, but having a sturdy 200 GB hard drive is a more elegant and easier to handle solution.

What is so convenient about new hard drives is that they are usually sold together with a piece of software meant to take all the information from your old data storage device, along with the already installed Windows and simply transfer it to the new one. With an improved hard drive, all the performances of your computer will live a new life.

Many PC gamers and aficionados upgrade their motherboards to stay on the cutting edge of computer technology. But if you’ve a plan for a new mobo, make sure you don’t have a proprietary PC-think Dell, HP, IBM, et al.-as in some instances you’ll need to purchase a new case just to get it to squeeze in, and you’ll often spend several times as much for the newer main board than you did for the older one.

Even it is seems like a hassle, an upgrade to your PC will do justice to your needs and your wallet, as well. You will end up paying less than you would if you decided in favor of a new machine, but only if you plan thoroughly ahead.

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