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Choose a Mac Computer: A 5 Point How-to Guide

best mac computer 2016

Welcome to our guide on how to choose a Mac computer. Are you switching over to a mac (finally!) or do you just want to change your old Mac computer? Whatever it is, you’re in the right place! This is how I went about buying my MacBook Pro back in 2011 and now I want…

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Set up the new Apple TV in 11 easy steps

set up the new apple tv

Let me guess, you want someone to help you set up the new Apple TV. This guide shows you just how easy it is to set up the new Apple TV. Before I begin, let me tell you about 4th generation Apple TV. By now it’s common knowledge that the new Apple TV has its…

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How to Extend the Battery Health of iPhone

iPhone battery health

Let me guess, your precious iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus isn’t living up to your battery life expectations. For all you know, this might be easily solvable. Let’s see what we can do to set it right. Follow these troubleshooting steps and it should help in restoring the battery health of iPhone 6s and…

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How to Create a Bootable macOS Sierra Thumb Drive

macOS Sierra

Has your mac run into some kind of problem because of which you need to reinstall macOS Sierra? I’m sure you find it inconvenient to wait for macOS to download a fresh copy of macOS Sierra. Right? This is especially true if the country your country’s internet isn’t awesome. Sometimes, it is just easier to…

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7 of the Coolest Features in the New macOS Sierra

new macOS Sierra

The much awaited new macOS Sierra was launched last month. The first thing you notice is that Apple has gone off track by naming the OS as MacOS instead of OS X. This is more in line with the naming convention of OS for other Apple devices like, iOS for iPhone, iPod and iPad, watchOS…

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