Vista Parental Controls – How to Ensure Children’s Safety

Vista Parental Controls – How to Ensure Children’s Safety

Windows Vista comes with many advanced features. Vista parental controls is one among the many important features on this Windows operating system. Here, you will learn all about working with parental controls on Windows Vista. Now, you can maximize the ability to carefully observe the activities of your children while they are on the computer system in your home.

Parental controls mean many things for many different people. The main function of these type of controls allow a parent or other adult to determine what a child is permitted to do while on the computer, and what they are not permitted to do while on the computer. While many may think that this is the extent of parental controls, there are many more features as well.

Windows Vista Parental controls can actually send detailed reports on the activities that an individual pursues on the internet. It also tracks how the individual is using the programs on the computer itself. All of this information can be compiled into a detailed report, and sent directly to you.

The first thing that must be accomplished in order to set up parental controls on Windows Vista is that you must have an account that is considered to be “Administrator”. When setting up accounts for the children in your home, you must set up only basic accounts for them. You should then click on the “Start” button, and locate the Control Panel.

Open up the Control Panel and select “User Accounts”. You will then want to select the “Parental Controls” option and open it. Once selecting this option, you will see an option that is called “Family Safety”. You may receive a small popup from the permission manager in Windows Vista. If so, simply click “continue”.

You will now see a detailed list of the accounts that are set up on your account. You must set up vista parental controls on each individual account. All you have to do is click on the account, and the screen that identifies the ability to set parental controls will appear. You can simply walk through the steps as they are fully detailed and created for ease of access.

When dealing with parental controls, you will find that you can adjust this setting to “on” and/or “off”. If you find that you are a bit suspicious of what is going on when you are away from home, or other instances, you may want to keep the parental controls turned on. However, if there is a time when the children do not have access to the computer, you can elect to turn the controls off.

There is a handy little feature in Windows Vista Parental Controls that allows you the option of turning on an activity report. This type of report can be used to collect a large amount of data that is related to the computer and internet usage of your children.

For example, you can tell from the activity logs when your children logged on to the computer, how long that they were on the computer, and what time that they logged off. You can also tell what types of computer programs were accessed, or which ones the child made an attempt to access. Websites that the child visited, or tried to visit can also be accessed by using the activity logs in the parental control program.

When working with parental controls, you will also find that there is a built in web filter that allows you the benefit of added security when it comes to the websites that your children frequent. You can elect to block particular websites from your child’s viewing, or allow certain websites to be viewed. However, you will be pleased to know that there are certain types of websites that are automatically blocked.

The websites that contain information that is pornographic in nature, have mature content, explore drugs and drug usage, terrorism, and weapons are all blocked by using the built in web filter on the Windows Vista operating system. However, you may want to block other websites like the World of Warcraft website, MySpace, and similar other sites that you may want your child to stay away from.

As you can see, there are many features when it comes to Vista Parental Controls. If you have young children at home, or roommates that you want to stay away from certain programs, this tutorial has taught you how to set up controls to accomplish your goals.

So, using these tips, I would like you to start Vista Parental Controls – How to Ensure Children’s Safety.

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