Quiz 1 - HTML Basic Level

In this lesson, we will try to solve the Quiz 1 HTML basic level of questions. You can then judge whether you have grasped the lessons in the Basic Level. If there are any doubts, please brush the lessons again.

Quiz One

1. What does HTML stand for?

A. Hard Text Manipulation Language
B. Hyper Text Markup Language
C. Hyper Tension Markup Language
D. Happy Today Markup Language

2. True Or False: Free hosting is the best, no matter what type of website you have?

3. What does WYSIWYG stand for?

A. Whenever You See It We Yell Go
B. What You Saw Is What You Got
C. When You Sit It Was Yesterday Girl
D. What You See Is What You Get

4. List the eight critical elements of any website.

5. In the <HEAD> tag what SHOULD NOT be included?

6. How do you change the title bar of a web page?

7. Why is the <BODY> tag important?

8. What does the “/” do in HTML?

9. Create a Notepad file and create a beginning website correctly using the eight critical elements.

10. What can you use to create your HTML code?

A. Notepad
B. FrontPage
C. Dreamweaver
D. All Of The Above

Where you able to solve Quiz 1 HTML Basic Level? If you answered all of them correctly without checking on the answer, then Kudos To You! If you had to check back on the answers, then I would suggest that you brush up the lessons again to get complete confidence in the Basic Level lessons.