Quiz 2 - HTML Basic Level

In this lesson, we will try to solve the Quiz 2 HTML basic level of questions. You can then judge whether you have grasped the lessons in the Basic Level. If there are any doubts, please brush up the lessons again.

Quiz Two

1. What Two Codes Can Be Used To Make New Lines and or Paragraphs?

2. What is the tag <HR> used for?

  1. Header Row
  2. Header Ruler
  3. Horizontal Rule
  4. Happy Rooster

3. <BR> is also known as what and what does it do?

4. <P> is also known as what and what does it do?

5. Create a Notepad file and make a beginning website using the <HR>, <BR>, and <P>

6. What does <H1>, <H2>, <H3>, <H4>, <H5>, and <H6> stand for?

7. Of the six, which one is the smallest and which one is the largest?

8. Why would you use the header codes in numbers 5 & 6?

  1. For website headings
  2. For subheadings
  3. For introductions
  4. All of the above

9. If you wanted to make your text Italic what code would you use?

  1. <I>
  2. <IT>
  3. <IL>
  4. <italic>

10. Which html tag would you use to make your text Bold?

  1. <B>
  2. <Strong>
  3. <Bold>
  4. <B> or <Strong>
  5. <B> or <Bold>

11. If you want to control the size of your text, what html tag would you use?

12. Can you change the type or face of your font? If so, how?

13. What happens if you use a font that your visitor does not have on his or her computer?

14. What code do you use when you want to tell the browser to do many things to your font at once?

I hope you were able to solve Quiz 2 HTML Basic Level? If you answered all of them correctly without checking on the answer, then Kudos To You! If you had to check back on the answers, then I would again suggest that you brush up the lessons again to get complete confidence in the Basic Level lessons.