Quiz 3 - HTML Basic Level

In this lesson, we will try to solve the Quiz 3 HTML basic level of questions. You can then decide whether you have understood all the lessons in the Basic Level. If there are any doubts, please go through and revise the lessons again.

Quiz Three

1. What code do you use when you want to add spaces to your website?

2. What two symbols create a command to your browser and are used to create special characters?

3. What are the three types of lists?

4. What is an ordered list?

5. What is an unordered list?

6. What is a definition list?

7. How do you make an ordered list?

8. How do you make an unordered list?

9. How do you make a definition list?

10. In a definition list what does DL stand for?

11. In a definition list what does DT stand for?

12. In a definition list what does DD stand for?

13. What does the code UL stand for?

14. What does the code OL stand for?

15. What does LI do?

16. What are the three types of links?

17. In Notepad, create an internal link.

18. In Notepad, create an outbound link.

19. In Notepad, create an anchor link.

20. How many elements must an anchor link have, and what are they?

21. Show how to make a graphic link in HTML code.

22. What are the two standard types of graphics used in webpages?

23. What is the ALT code used for?

24. What is the difference between a JPG and GIF graphic?

25. What are your three choices when aligning an image?

26. What is VSPACE?

27. What is HSPACE?

I hope you were able to solve Quiz 3 HTML Basic Level? If you answered all of them correctly without checking on the answer, then congratulations To You! If you had to check back on the answers, then I would suggest that you brush up the lessons again to get complete confidence in the Basic Level lessons.