HTML Programming Tutorial - Welcome

Welcome to our new HTML Programming tutorial. Even though websites have evolved over the years to use many other languages, aside from HTML, the one thing that you may not know is that they are all built around the language. This language is what started the whole world of websites and continues to exist, even though it has been improved upon substantially.

Now a days, you see languages such as PHP, XHTML, and so on. However, understanding the basics of HTML and how they work, will help you in learning other languages as well. The simple fact is that they all work together in most all cases and HTML fits quite comfortably within the confines of these other languages.

HTML was the birth of the website as we know it today and remains the basis for all other languages as well. If you have yet to learn HTML, you really should start with our beginning tutorials. In our beginning tutorials, you will learn the basic elements of how a website is put together. You will learn about tags and how they work, how to create links, and so much more.

If you have already strengthened your knowledge in the beginning section, you might want to visit our intermediate section in which you will learn about tables, frames, how to further format your text, how to change up the background of your website, and so much more.

For those who have already nailed down the basics and intermediate levels, you can proceed to the advanced tutorials. In this section, you will learn about forms, and delve deeper into the world of frames and tables. However, you will also have the opportunity to learn about meta tags, accessibility, CSS, and everything you need to complete your HTML training.

The world of HTML is a vast expanse. Learning through HTML Programming tutorial as much as you can gives you the chance to create an attractive and easy to use website that your potential customers and visitors are sure to enjoy. Make sure you take our quiz at the end of each category to review what you have read and learned.

Best Wishes for a Fruitful Learning Experience!