Introduction To Microsoft Word Tutorial

Well, let us start with Microsoft Word Tutorial. Just follow the sequence of the topics below and rest assured that you will graduate from being a novice to an expert in no time.

The aim of this Microsoft Word Tutorial is to bring out the various functionalities and features of Microsoft Word in a simple and easily understandable format to everyone, right from a person who has never used Microsoft Word to someone who could be termed as an Expert level user.

This Tutorial is being broken up into four major proficiency levels; basic, intermediate, advanced and expert level. Each subdivision will have several topics. Each topic will be dealing with a particular aspect of an operation of Microsoft Word with respect to the proficiency level. Please see the Level-wise Lessons Menu at the bottom of this web page as well as all the lessons pages.

Let me try to explain this with an example.

“Saving a Document” is an operation. But under this, simple saving, saving as a template, saving as a webpage, saving with protection, etc are different ways or aspects of executing this operation. These different ways are categorized under different proficiency levels. Hence, the topic “Saving a Document” may appear under different proficiency levels.

Microsoft Word Tutorial in this website is based on Microsoft Office Word version 2003 which is the latest as on date. Even if you own some earlier version, do not worry! Most of the functionalities are generic and will apply to other older versions as well.

Throughout all the topics in this Microsoft Word Tutorial, you will find phrases (in the form of Links) showing Tooltips as well as Cross-References to other relevant topics.

There is no need to click these links. Just Hover Your Mouse on them.

Best Wishes for a fruitful learning experience!