Create New Document in Word

This lesson explains how to Create New Document in Word with step-by-step visual instructions.

Have you loaded Microsoft Office Word? If not, please do so before we begin.

You can choose the "Create a New Document" command from different places on MS Word screen.

1. In the Graphic-1 below, we are looking at the Getting Started Task Pane on the Microsoft Word screen.

Look at the spot-lighted bottom area of this graphic. You will find "Create a New Document"

Depending on the version of Microsoft Word that you are using, you may see a different arrangement for the Task Pane. You may, possibly, get a screen with varous templates.
If that is so, just select the template for "Blank Document" from whichever screen pops up.

Graphics 1

Create New Document in Word

Graphics 2

Create New Document in Word

2. Another place where you get the menu-option to create new document in word is in Menu Bar.

Just see Graphic-2 above on the right. You are looking at the Personalized Menu under "File". You will see option "New" as the first entry.

Option "New" is not listed in the Personalized Menu. No problem! Just left-click the double-downarrow button at the bottom of the "File" Menu as shown in Graphic-2.

Now, you will see all the options under "File" menu as shown in Graphics-3 below.

Again, the first option that you see is the "New" option. It is nothing but create new document in word.

Press the "New" button. Once you do that, you will see the template at the same place as Getting Started Task Pane. Refer to Graphic 4 on your right.

Or, as explained earlier, in case you have an older version of Word, you may get a separate screen with different templates. Please select the "Blank Document" template.

Graphics 3

Create New Document in Word

Graphics 4

Create New Document in Word

OK, We come to the end of the lesson.

This was a fairly simple topic and I am sure you have become familiar with it. If not, just revise the topic again. You still have some doubts? Send me your queries through feedback and I will clarify.

Well, if you are comfortable to move on, let us do that!