Exit from Microsoft Word

Graphics 1 - Exit from Microsoft Word

Exit from Microsoft Word

Now that you know how to go into Microsoft Word, this lesson will teach you how to Exit from Microsoft Word.

Please refer to the picture above.

Let us go step by step and understand how to find the relevant command to exit Microsoft Word.

Step 1

I hope you are still in MS Word. If you are not so, please refer to my earlier lesson and go into Microsoft Word.

Click, with the left mouse button, the File button which is located on the left hand top corner of MS Word. For your information, the File button is on the Menu Bar

Step 2

A sub-menu will drop down. The last item in this drop down menu is the Exit Button.

Just press this Exit button to completely go out of Microsoft Word

Have you gone out of Word?

Very good. You are making great progress!

You have completed this topic!

I am ready to move on to the next topic. Are You? Yes, I know you are...