Open Existing Document in Word

This lesson explains how to Open Existing Document in Word. If you have learnt the previous topic "creating a new document", then this topic is very easy as it is almost identical.

Let me again remind about loading Microsoft Office Word before you start!

You can choose document open command from different places on MS Word screen.

1. In the Graphic-1 below, we are looking at the Getting Started Task Pane on the Microsoft Word screen.

Look at the spot-lighted bottom area of this graphic. You will find "Open". This command is used to open existing document in Word.

Graphics 1

Open Existing Document in Word

Graphics 2

Open Existing Document in Word

2. Another place where you get the menu-option to open existing document in word is in Menu Bar.

Just see Graphic-2 above on the right. You are looking at the Personalized Menu under "File". You will see option "Open" as the second entry.

Option "Open" is not listed in the Personalized Menu? No problem! Just left-click the double-downarrow button at the bottom of the "File" Menu as shown in Graphic-2.

Graphics 3

Open Existing Document in Word

Now, you will see all the options under "File" menu as shown in Graphics-3 on the right.

Again, the second option that you see is the "Open" option. We need this command to open existing document in word.

Press the "Open" button. Once you do that, you will see the dialog box for choosing the folder and the particular file that you require. Refer to Graphic 4 below.

In that dialog box, you need to perform two actions. One, Select the Folder (Arrow Number 1 in Graphic-4) and second, select or input the file name (Arrow Number 2 in Graphics-4).

Refer to Arrow Number 1 in Graphic-4. A default folder, normally, My Documents is shown. You may retrieve your file from the default folder or change to the required folder where your file is saved.

Refer to the Tip on the left if you do not know how to change a folder or create a new folder.

Till you get the hang of the basic operations in MS Word, I would suggest that you save and open your documents only from the default folder.

Graphics 4

Open Existing Document in Word

You have completed this topic very fast, right?

Well Done! I know you are really working hard. Keep it up!

We now move on to the next topic.