Print Document in Word Basic Level

In this lesson, we will learn how to Print Document in Word Basic Level. This lesson is a major step forward in MS Word Tutorial as you will know how to take output of what you have learnt so far in Word.

Print Document in Word Basic and other advanced level commands are available in the Menu Bar.

Please see Graphic-1 below. You are looking at the Personalized Menu under "File". You will see option "Print".

Graphics 1

Print Document in Word Basic

If Option "Print" is not listed in the Personalized Menu, then, view the small movie clip on your right (Movie Clip-1) to find out how to get all the options in the "File" Menu.

Press the "Play" button at the bottom of Movie Clip-1.

Yes, as shown in the movie clip, you have to press the double downarrow to get all sub-options in "File" Menu.

In the following DivX Movie, press Play Button to play and press UpArrow button for full screen.

Movie Clip 1

Now, you will see all the options under "File" menu as shown in the Movie Clip on the right.

Now, you will definitely see the "Print" option. We need this command to Print Document in Word Basic Level and other levels in Microsoft Word. In the Basic Level, I will cover only the simple Print operation. The Print command has several additional variants. We will cover the more advanced ones in subsequent levels.

Now that you have understand how to locate the Print Command, we shall now try and use the Print Command to print a document.

Click the Print Command (with left mouse button). You will now get the print dialog box. Please refer to Graphics-2 below.

In Print Document in Word Basic Level, we will concentrate only on the actual printing of the document using default parameters in the dialog box.

Referring to Graphics-2 below, we will need to go through 4 steps to actually print a document. Let us go through each of the step in detail:

  1. The default Printer Name will appear here. If you are not able to see the printer device that you wish to use, then you will have to Install a New Printer Device.

    If you wish to use a different printer than what is shown here (provided it is already installed), then simply click the down arrow button (on the right of Step 1) and choose a different printer.

  2. In Step 2, you will need to mention the Page Range that has to be printed. Well, there are different ways of mentioning this.

    1. All

      With this Option, all the pages in that document will be printed

    2. Current Page

      With this Option, your current page as shown in the Status Bar will get printed.

    3. Pages

      You can also specify some contiguous or non-contiguous set of pages to print at one go. For Example, if you wish to print pages; 1, 3 to 5, 15 and 28 to 34, you will have to specify in this input field: 1,3-5,15,28-34.

  3. In Step 3: "Number of Copies", you will mention the number of copies that you want printed. For example, in Step 2: Page Range, you have selected "Current Page" (assume the current page is page number 5) and you have mentioned 8 as the "Number of Copies", then the printer will print 8 copies of Page 5.

  4. After giving all the above instructions, now in Step 4, you will simply press the OK button signifying that the Printing should Start.

  5. Graphics 2

    Print Document in Word Basic

I am through with this topic, Print Document in Word Basic Level. Hope you are!

Bye for Now... See you soon in the next topic.