Save Word Document Basic Level

The purpose of this lesson is to teach you how to Save Word Document Basic Level. If you have learnt the earlier topic "Open an existing document", then this topic is very easy as it is almost identical.

Before you can start with this topic, go ahead and load Microsoft Office Word.

Menu Bar is the place where you get the menu-option to Save Word Document basic level or any level, for that matter.

Just see Graphic-1 below. You are looking at the Personalized Menu under "File". You will see options "Save" and "Save As".

Graphics 1

Save Word Document Basic

If Option "Save" or "Save As" is not listed in the Personalized Menu, then, do not worry! Just left-click the double-downarrow button at the bottom of the "File" Menu as shown in Graphic-1.

Graphics 2

Save Word Document Basic

Now, you will see all the options under "File" menu as shown in Graphics-2 on the right.

Now, you will definitely see the "Save" and "Save As" options. We need these commands to save word document Basic Level and other levels in Microsoft Word. In the Basic Level, I will cover only the Simple Save or Save As operation. The document save function is quite elaborate and has several variants. We will cover the more advanced ones in subsequent levels.

What is the difference between "Save" and "Save As"?


a) Whenever you are working with a document and you would like to regularly keep saving it so that you do not lose your work, then you need to use "Save" Command.

b) When you are saving a document for the first time or when a saved document is already open and you would like to save it with a different name (i.e., you want to create a duplicate of the saved document), then you would use "Save As" Command.


  1. "Save" operation functions in two ways. When "Save" Command is pressed and

    1. You are working on an already saved document, then pressing "Save" simply saves the existing document without any further user interaction.

    2. You are working on a new or an unsaved document, then pressing "Save" will bring up a dialog box for entering the folder and file information which will be used for saving the document.

  2. In case you press "Save As", you will always get a dialog box for entering the folder and file information which will be used for saving the document.

As stated above, once you press the Save As or Save word document basic command in the File Menu, you will see the Save dialog box. Refer to Graphic 3 below.

In that dialog box, you need to perform three actions. One, Select the Folder (Arrow Number 1 in Graphic-3), second, select or input the file name (Arrow Number 2 in Graphics-3) and third, press the Save Button (Arrow Number 3 in Graphics-3).

Refer to Arrow Number 1 in Graphic-3. A default folder, normally, "My Documents" is shown. You may type in a document (file) name in File Name field (Arrow Number 2) and press Save button (Arrow Number 3). The file or document will gets saved in the default folder.

Or else, you may want to change the folder (Arrow Number 1 in Graphics-3) or Create a New Folder before saving the file in the selected folder.

Refer to the Tip on the left if you do not know how to change a folder or create a new folder.

Till you get the hang of the basic operations in MS Word and Microsoft Windows, I would suggest that you save word document basic level only in the default folder. When you reach intermediate and higher levels, you will handle folders like a Pro.

Graphics 3

Save Word Document Basic

This topic, save word document basic level, is finished.

Hope you enjoyed learning it as much as I enjoyed teaching you.

See you soon on the next topic.