Select Text in Microsoft Word

In this topic, we will learn how to Select Text in Microsoft Word. Once we learn selection of a block of text, then we can perform certain block text operations which will make the process simpler and faster.

Just refer to the small movie clip below. Press the "Play" button at the bottom of Movie Clip-1.

Once the cursor has been positioned at the correct place where you wish to start the block, keep the left mouse button pressed while you drag the mouse to create the block of text. Once, the block covers what you want, release the left mouse button.

In the following Movie clip, Press the Play Button to play and Press UpArrow button to make it full screen.
Movie Clip 1

This topic, select text in Microsoft Word, is finished.

Hope you have understood the concept. This operation of selecting text will help in learning many more functionalities in Word.

See you soon in the next topic.