Undo and Redo in Word

In this lesson of Microsoft Word Tutorial, you will learn how to Undo and Redo in Word Document.

What is the use of Undo and Redo in Word? This is a powerful feature in MS Word and in other Microsoft Office applications as well.

Let me explain this with the help of an example.

Action 1:

You are preparing and typing a document with several paragraphs in it. You feel that one of the paragraph is not required. So, you delete it.

Action 2:

Immediately, you realise your mistake.

"Oops! What a great blunder? I should not have deleted it"

Do not worry! You are saved by the UNDO Command.

Press "Undo" Icon Undo and Redo in Word in the Standard Toolbar. Just press the Icon.

Presto... You have got back the lost paragraph.

Action 3:

After getting back the paragraph, you again check it.

"Oh! I was correct in deleting it. I do not need this one!

That's fine! You have the "Redo" Icon Undo and Redo in Word in the Standard Toolbar. Just press the Icon.

Again, it is gone. Good riddance!

Above, you have read the explanation of Undo and Redo. OK, shall we now see a small Movie Clip on this? I think you will understand it better with a visual.

Press the "Play" button at the bottom of Movie Clip-1. It may take a few seconds to download the movie. So, please be patient!

In the following Movie clip, Press the Play Button.

Movie Clip-1

To sum up Undo and Redo in Word, "Undo" is used to reverse your immediate earlier action and "Redo" is used to reverse the "Undo", in other words to revert to the first action.

           ACTION == UNDO == REDO == ACTION

Now, we come to the end of the topic, Undo and Redo in Word.

OK, Let's move on to the next topic...