My Story About Site Build It!

This startup story was written by me in the year 2006 when I was using Site Build It! as a SBI Customer. To be honest, now-a-days I don't use Site Build It for my own sites as my needs have outgrown what it can offer. I use WordPress CMS for my sites now and frankly, I have found that SBI is absolutely no comparison or competition to WordPress in any and every respect.

Now to the original start-up story even though it is rather outdated.

My story about Site Build It is very interesting! You see! It had taken me less than 5 months to bring this website to a very presentable state. I have some 65 odd pages of content and growing. My Alexa Ranking has reached the top 1% of, around, 56 million sites on the web.

This is just fantastic considering that I am totally new to web hosting, web site development, SEO, HTML, Link Exchanging, etc.

All this has been made possible by a company called based in Canada. This is a small-business web hosting company. The President of this company is Dr. Ken Evoy, MD.

Normally, any web hosting company will give certain fixed space for hosting your website, bandwidth, a cPanel consisting of various menus to control the different operations like managing folders, sub-folders & sub-domains, upload & download of files through FTP, a few reports, email facility, domain parking facility, etc.

These web hosts will be of no use to you when you have to conceptualize, build, maintain, popularize, and monetize your websites. That is entirely left to you and to your ingenuity and knowledge.

Above all, if you simply want to concentrate on creating your content and do not wish to be bothered with the technical nitty-gritties of hosting and popularizing your website, then the product offered by is just meant for you.

The Product offered by is called SBI or Site Build It!. Whether you are a novice in web site development or an expert, Site Build It offers just about everything under the sun that you would need to build and take your website to the top of ranking with floods of visitors arriving at your site. This would actually translate into a huge revenue potential when you start monetizing your site.

They have based their business model on a process called C→T→P→M. It stands for CONTENT → TRAFFIC → PREsell → MONETIZE. The CTPM model is a proven methodology to succeed in the internet business.

Given below are some of the unique features included in Site Build It!:

  1. Keyword brainstorming and Master Keyword List
  2. Search It - ECommerce related Search Tool. This is a gem of a tool. You can try it out free.
  3. Step-by-Step Action Guide. This is a free eBook you can download and read.
  4. Domain Registration
  5. Template or block based web site development for novices or people who do not want to use html.
  6. If you are familiar, you can also develop your site using HTML or program like dreamweaver, frontpage, etc.
  7. Search Engine Optimization
  8. Value Exchange for link exchanging
  9. Automatic Search Engine submissions and resubmissions
  10. Autoresponders
  11. Opt-in mailing lists
  12. RSS Feed and Blogs that you can integrate into your web pages
  13. Automatic Form Building Tool
  14. Powerful reporting and traffic statistics features
  15. A responsive Support and a very friendly & helpful Forum
  16. Above all, they have a very lucrative Affiliate Program. Thanks to SBI, I have been able to earn a very decent amount of money through their affiliate program.

I was really impressed by the Feature List of Site Build It. In fact, when we compare the features of SBI with the competition, like Yahoo and other big names, SiteSell wins hands down.

In my association with them, I have found SiteSell and Dr. Ken to be trustworthy, professional and willing to help you every step of the way to your success. Apart from all this, they have a members only forum which is simply marvellous. Actually, these two are the main factors that have largely contributed to my phenomenal success in such a short period of time and that too being a near novice in these matters.

SiteSell has a long list of case studies and SBI success stories.

The Proof on the Success of SBI is brought out very nicely in this page.

The best part that I have found about Site Build It, with all the features built in, is that the entire package costs you just USD 299 per year or less than USD 1/- per day. It was really a bargain that I could ever wish for!

You can contact the SiteSell Team directly to clarify your questions / queries.