Who Will Benefit from My Website

Who Will Benefit from My Website? OK! You must be wondering for whom is my website targeted. Well, I have targeted this website, ctrat.in, broadly, for the following groups of people to impart quality Online Education:

  • People who have a need to use a computer but they, somehow, do not get the courage to operate it. It could be because of an inherent fear of technology or a fear that something may go wrong.
  • Most of the Company Executives, Junior, Middle and Senior, are provided with a Laptop or a Desktop Computer by their companies. But these Executives do not utilize even 2% of the capabilities of a computer. They can acquire a truckload of skills from this website to improve their productivity.
  • A College student wanting to use a computer for his/her project work.
  • A mom who wishes to set up an internet based home business and needs to acquire certain necessary computer skills.
  • If you wish to acquire computer knowledge for your post retirement activities, be it a hobby or a professional pursuit.
  • This website can also be used as a place for reference of technology related resources and training material.

The above list of people who will benefit from my website is, by no means, exhaustive. So long as you have a need to learn some aspect of computer, computer technology or looking for a place for computer related resources, reviews and tips and along with that you are looking for a website that will deliver high quality and relevant content, then you are at the right place.

Hope you enjoy my website and its content!